About Just A Touch

                                        Just a Touch is Nicholas Levine & Melissa Kovner


Many an evening spent taste-testing in Brooklyn inspired Nick Levine to create his own flavor palette, a concoction of his own design. Late nights of experimentation with herbs, spices and liqueurs led him to the perfect combination of flavors. And Just A Touch was born.

A product of nights spent in Bushwick bars, Just A Touch aims to share our love of bitters with our friends and make them accessible to all. 

Just A Touch provides a do-it-yourself experience, providing the ingredients needed to create your very own cocktail bitters in one simple kit. 


Nicholas Levine

After moving to the East Coast from Southern California, Nick Levine found his niche in Brooklyn. With over eight years behind the bar, from barback, to bartender to bar manager, Nick has seen it all. He now works full time managing at Brooklyn Bowl, while honing his craft on the side. As Brooklyn has evolved over the past few years, so have his tastes. What started as a hobby has developed into a passion for flavor and experimentation. Nick decided to take his love of the craft cocktail and share it with his family and friends. 

Melissa Kovner

Melissa grew up near Woodstock, NY and always dreamed of moving 100 miles south to the Big City. En route to New York, she studied at Boston University's School of Communications, where she earned her degree in Film & Television. After five years in Boston, she moved to New York to pursue her career in Film & TV, and now works full time in reality Television. When she's not producing TV shows, Melissa works with Nick to create new flavors in the Just a Touch test kitchen, and helps design, package and promote the DIY bitters kits.

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